African daisy flower leather and bead sandals


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This exquisite handcrafted leather and Maasai bead flat sandal is inspired by the African daisy flower. It is meticulously designed to showcase the beauty of two daisy flowers bound together by a leather base with orange, white,  black and golden beads.

It has a size adjustable leather clamp  at the back designed to provide a comfortable fit for any foot size.


African sunset inspired Maasai beaded and leather flat sandal

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There is nothing more mesmerizing than an African sunset especially when it meets the ocean right before dusk especially when you see it for the first time on a safari or in my case, after being away for a long time.

That is the inspiration for this pair. It brings together orange, black and blue separated by a thin golden line. The elegance is in the simplicity of the design. The flat leather sandal has a string in the back giving it a little room for different foot sizes and an extra level of comfort.

It is a European size 37, Made in Kenya.

Leather and Maasai beads checkered flat sandals

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This is one of my favorite pairs. The combination of green, orange and gray in a hand crafted checkered design makes it unique and aesthetically pleasing.

We have 2 pairs available in size 41 and 39 European measurements.

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Handmade leather and beads Maasai Sandals

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This pair is a hand crafted leather and beads piece. It combines pink, white and multicolored beads in a multi layered multi strand ankle high design. It has a zipper at the back to give it a gladiator feel.

Made in Kenya.

It is a size 37. Kenyans use European sizes for all their shoe exports.

Available on Amazon.

Leather and fine Maasai beads ankle high sandals

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This pair is meticulously hand crafted from Authentic leather and fine Maasai beads. The Maasai people are pastoralists and use the hide from the cows and goats to make high quality leather the old school way.

This pair is a combination of ankle high multi colored, multi strand beads held together by a leather strap at the front. It has a zipper at the back to create more of a gladiator feel. They are high quality, stylish, chic sandals.

They are a European size 39 which translates to 8-8 and a half American.

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